Monday, January 5, 2009


This is Paige up in the mountains looking for a Christmas tree to cut. I just thought she looked cute!
OK so we went to Georgia for 2 weeks over the Christmas break (which was fun I'll post pics of that trip later) this is what we came home snowed so much that our grapes gave away, a busted water pipe with water every where and ruined our hardwood floors in the kitchen. So now we have to deal with the repairs and of course last but not least 3 more feet of snow!!! Its so nice to be home!!! NOT! For those of you who know me well I DO NOT like the snow. I hate to drive in it, I hate all the snow that comes into the house from outside and get my socks all wet, I hate dressing the kids in and out of their snow clothes. I just look out the window and get stressed out. Call me a poop or whatever but I HATE the snow!!! But at least Adam and the kids are enjoying it.
Look at all that snow! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

This is Paige standing on our drive way...look at how high...GRRRRRRR!!!!! It's too high for Owen to even play in it.

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