Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY calender

So I saw this on Pinterest also. Frame+paint chips= calender. I just added magnets on the side for the pens. I love it. I had just a weekly calender on my fridge. Its so much better to see the whole month at once. I've got different color pens for each kid. Birthdays are in pink, Paige's stuff is in purple, Riley's stuff is in blue get the idea.
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Just a little something...

I was writing a thank you note for someone and wanted to add a little something on it. So this is what I did. I think it just made it more fun to receive.

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So I saw this on Pinterest and I wanted to make it. But of course everything I see I change it a little, so too this I made it into a game. The one on Pinterest didn't have the spinning thing in the middle. Boring!!! So I went to the dollar store and found a spinning counting thingy but it only went to 8. So I cut out the circle, took out the spinney thing and turned it around and made my own sections to 20. So now Owen spins the thingy ( I have no idea what its called) and what ever number it lands on he has to count the dots and find the correct number. He loves it. See more fun then just putting pins on the numbers.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was told I needed some more pictures of Holland. So heres just a couple before church.
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Friday, September 9, 2011

1st day of school

Paige starting 3rd grade

Riley starting 5th grade...with a goofy smile!

Owen starting Pre-k with me! I'm his teacher.

The crew!
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these were to funny not to post...

So I was just taking some pictures then Holland fell...well just look at the pictures. I think they are pretty funny.

Awww there's sister always there to kiss your bobo and give you what you want! Holland was glued to Paige hip this summer. Poor Paige, she would give Holland to me then run to her room just to get a couple of minutes to herself. One time Paige was in the bathroom and Holland was there knocking and knocking on the door saying "Paige, Paige, Paige, Paige". Then Paige says "man I can't get any alone time, not even in here." I was cracking up because its so familiar. I fell for ya Paige!
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summer basball

I know, I know these are really late. I haven't posted anything all summer. Our lap top broke so I couldn't down load any pics. So better late then never! So Riley played baseball this summer, of course! He was pitcher a lot this season. He did really well. We had a number of coach's, parents and umps tell us how good he is. His coach would have him pitch last because Riley didn't get any runs when he pitched. We had someone say "I'll be his agent!" Who knows maybe Riley will play in college and then go on. I love watching him play. That's my favorite part of summer. Owen starts T-ball next year. So we'll see how he does. Can't wait!

The kids did a baseball camp with the Spokane Indians. They had a lot of fun. They were able to run around the bases, hit, throw and got autographs on balls. It was fun to see Owen run around the bases. He's such a fast little guy.
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