Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Baseball and Soccer

Well its that time of year again where Riley's in Baseball. Theres nothing like watching Baseball.
I love it. I was going through these and noticed I didn't take any of Riley up to bat. Those I'll have to do next week.

Then there's Owen, he loves going to the kids games.

and Holland, she just sits there and plays with what ever she can get her hands on. Shes crawling now but she still just sits there.

We finally got Paige signed up for Soccer this summer. She loves it. Its so fun to watch her. Shes so aggressive, always right there with the ball trying to get it. If the goal was a foot longer on each side she would have made lots of goals. Its funny to watch Paige play compaired to Riley. Paige is all about having fun but still doing well. Riley well he gets mad when he strikes out or doesn't do well. I dread the rides home when Riley doesn't do well. Paige she just says how much fun it was.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Pita Pit sandwitch...

So I was out with a good friend getting my first Pedicure, yes you heard me my FIRST pedi anyways that's not the best part of the day it was close though. For lunch we went to the Pita Pit. I've never been there so I'd thought I'd give it a try. I'm sure glad I did. It was so good. I had the Chicken Souvlaki. Greek seasoned chicken with veggies and a special sauce that I couldn't find in stores. So I thought I'd try to make it at home. I actually liked mine better just because the Pita Pit layered everything and then wrap it up, so some bites you get were just spinach or just tomatoes. You'd have to have a pretty big mouth to get everything in one bite. So I just mixed all my ingredients together and stuffed it into the pita. The only thing from mine I didn't like, was the pita. It was thick and dry and fell a part easy. So if you want to make it here's what I did: spread regular cream cheese on the inside of the Pita and add everything else...I bought pre-sliced grilled chicken strips and cooked it with a little olive oil and pesto sauce. Then I chopped up cucumbers, tomatoes ( I just used the petite cut in a can), spinach and feta cheese to top it off! So easy and so good.
This pita was actually sitting out for awhile cuz I was in a hurry to baseball and soccer's games so I left everything out so the spinach was not fresh looking. But it still tasted good. I made another one for Adam and I when we got back from the games. (Which I'll post about later).
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I need help from someone who knows about cameras!!!

So I read on another blog about focusing on certain things in your pictures. I think its called point focus or something like that anyways I read how to focus on something in the back ground and have what ever it is closer to me out of focus or if I want the thing closest to me in focus and the background out of focus. Does that make since? Anyways so I was trying to figure it out on my camera (cuz I want to learn how to use my camera better to take better pictures). So now its stuck in keeping the background in focus instead of the thing I actually want to take a picture of. Like the pictures above. They all would have been really cute but see in the background its in focus and Holland and the flowers are not. So can anyone tell me how to fix this??? I have a digital rebel 300D if that helps. Melissa maybe do you???
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer fun...

We finally had a hot day where it felt like summer, even though the kids still have a week left of school! It isn't officially summer here yet I should say anyway not until the kids are out. So we took advantage of it and stayed outside. The boys ended up having a water fight. I love the picture of Riley waiting for Adam to come out the back door to soak him but Adam knew Riley would be there waiting so he came out in front and got Riley. Paige was sulking inside because she left her bathing suit at her cousins house and she wouldn't wear a tank top and shorts. Her loss!

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So exciting...

So Riley and I could not be more excited. There was a store by us that had a cereal sale. 1.69$ a box! And not just the generic brands either the good sugary expensive brands. yum! So I got what I could fit into my cart with everything else. I ended up with 17 boxes. I wish I could say that will last us a while but unfortunately it won't. We love our cereal!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Holland 7mo already!!!

So over the weekend we went to my nieces baptism in the Portland area. While we were there my sister took some pictures of Holland in her new spring line. (don't you just love her legs, there so squishy and soft!)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Job jars...

I need to do this. I saw it on .