Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walking in a winter wonder land!!!

Here's what our cars and street looks like. And we're suppose to get more Monday and Christmas day!!! Of course the Christmas we're not here its going to be a white Christmas!!!
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Al Gore Can Shovel My Walk

In the past 24 hours, Spokane has got more than 18 inches of new snow. That's an all-time record. Last year was nothing compared to this. I was up at 4 am trying to shovel our long driveway. I'll have to do it all over tonight, when the snow is finally supposed to stop.

This is ridiculous. For the first time ever, I can't wait to get to Georgia...

At least Owen likes it...

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally some GOOD family pictures!!!

A friend of mine took our family pictures and these are just some of my favorites. There were so many good ones. I'll keep posting them here and there. Thanks Emily for taking such great pictures!!!

Family pics cont...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The girls...

Here's all the girls burnt out from Thanksgiving cooking!

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No crying baby this year!

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Owen was outside with Adam and he just looked so cute so I took some pictures.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008


The kids colored their own place mats.

So this year Thanksgiving was at my house! It was a lot of fun. My sister came with her family and 3 of my husbands brothers came with their families and Adams parents. So our house was pretty full but that's what makes it fun right! After the football game on TV was over I brought down the kids Foosball/Air hockey table and we had a family tournament. It was a lot of fun. Tyson(my brother-n-law) won the adult tournament and Riley won the kids. Later we played some Killer Uno. It was fun just hanging around and being with family.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie...

OK so we went to the midnight showing of the movie Twilight. Earlier that day when I was doing my nails my husband asks me if I was getting ready for a date? I'm all "No but I feel like I am, I'm so excited to see the movie." I went with 3 other friends. It was so much fun waiting in line for 3 hours. Then afterwards we meet up with some other friends who saw it at another theater and went to a restaurant to talk about the movie! OK so when we were waiting in line this limo drives up and a news van. So of course every ones all "who's that, is it someone from the movie?(yeah here in Spokane, right!) so this guys gets out of the limo pulling up his collar and putting his hands in his pockets walking all cool over to the news van and all these girls started screaming "Micheal, Micheal." We all thought who the heck is that? So we found out who it was just a local guy who was an extra in the movie and he called the news van to come oh and his dad was following him around with a hand held camera. It was LAME!!!! So during the movie when his "one" second part came he's all "that's me, that's me" and his dads all "that's my boy!" every one in the theater told them to be quite. It was funny. It was especially funny because he was in the WORST MOVIE EVER!!!! I hated it. The acting was bad, there was no chemistry between Bella and Edward and don't get me started on Edward-the acting, his looks everything bad bad bad!!! Rosalie was horrible she wasn't even drop dead gorgeous, Alice tried to hard, Emmett wasn't funny like he was in the book he was cheesy and Jasper looked scared the whole time, Jacob was ugly oh and they ruined the MEADOW SCENE!!! The best part of the book and they bombed it! It was a really bad low budget film!!! We were SO DISAPPOINTED!!!! I can't even read the book the same way now. I'm so mad! I had a hard time not laughing because of the acting. My friend did laugh at the end during the fight scene. Bella looked like she was having a seizure or something. HORRIBLE JUST HORRIBLE!!! Oh and this girl next to me was freaking out when she saw the word "Twilight" and when Edward came on screen and during the kiss scene I swear she was going to pass out. It was so Annoying. So yeah I did NOT like the movie!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paramores music video from Twilight

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

OK So we had another great Halloween! The kids got SO much candy. We went to our Trunk or Treat Thursday then went Trick or Treating Halloween night. We went to Cheney (where Adams family lives). Every time the door bell rang and Owen saw who or what was at the door he screamed bloody murder. It was pretty funny.

At first Owen did not like going house to house but after a few houses he would run to the door and knock and say "Tigi Teet" and "thank you" and if he didn't have his bag he would yell "mom bag". It was pretty cute. There were some real fun houses that totally went all out. One house had games and prizes the kids loved that one. Then we came back and had movie night. (every Friday we have movie night and take turns picking the movie)
...Paige was a witch
...Riley was Luke Skywalker from "The Emperor Strikes back". Only one person knew who he was, every ones else thought he was a astronaut or a pilot!
...and Owen, no one knew who he was either manly because he didn't want to wear his mask. He was Nacho Libre. People thought he was a Muscle Man or a Super hero.

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Trunk or Treat...

Tyson was a Viking. I think he made a pretty good one. (The sword was real too!)
My one and only Mia-Maid--Traylyn
Owen was so scared that night. He wouldn't let me put him down to take this picture...he freaked out and Mohanna wasn't even scary looking!!!
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

Me, Paige and Adams mom went to see Phantom of the Opera. It was really cool. I've been to Les Miserables and I liked that better but this was still really good. Paige loves the movie so she was excited to see it on stage. When it started she was on the edge of her set for like the first 15 minutes, she loved it! She got a little restless in the middle but loved the ending. I bought her one of the books they sell and now she wants the poster to put up in her room and the music CD. I'm glad she enjoyed it. I never went to a broadway show growing up (mom why was that???) so I'm glad my daughter had the opportunity to go. I'm glad she enjoys the broadway music like I do. So we'll see what comes to Spokane next year and hopefully we'll go! (That last picture I took because I loved the view with all the fall colors and the river.)
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall is offically here...

Riley was so excited coming home from school and seeing all the leaves he can rack up and jump in. Paige she just looked for walnuts that fell! And yes she's in her sandles with no coat! She has this weird thing with her feet (dad it would drive you crazy, it does me) she's never in socks even when its cold outside. When I go check on the kids at night during the winter to make sure they're covered up her feet are always sticking out of the blanket. The rest of her is covered though. One night the kids slept in this pop-up tent they have and again I checked on them and Paiges feet were sticking out the door! Last week we went to a friends house for FHE and all the kids played football outside and it was probably like 30 degrees and there was Paige with no shoes or socks on running around. (yes dad I made her get her shoes on and her feet did get warm!!!) Its weird seeing her go outside with no shoes or wear socks in the house or even sometimes a coat or sweater because ME, I'm constantly cold! I thought maybe it was a girl thing that I got cold all the time but after seeing Paige, I guess it's just me!

OK I love fall--I love the crisp air in a mornings walk, all the different colors of the trees, watching the kids play in the leaves and coming in and having hot cider or hot cocoa, going to Green Bluff and getting pumpkins and going on hay rides, The pumpkin spice Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (sooo good BTW!!!), Carmel apple bars, Pumpkin roll, and getting excited for the holiday's, oh and that my birthday is a few months away!!! Probably my one and only thing I like about Spokane (other then Adams family of course) is that it has the perfect Four Seasons! Spring -is perfect not too wet but wet enough to get the grass green again from winter and warm enough to go outside, Summer- it can get hot but it doesn't last. You have a few days that are really hot but then a rain storm comes and cools everything down and the Summer nights are perfect, they cool down enough to play outside with no bugs, and no humidity! Fall- I described it above, And Winter- I love watching the first snow fall but don't like driving in it. We have our share of snow but I can't complain. So if we were to move (which is a possibility) and someone asked me what I missed about Spokane I would say the weather...the Four Seasons!
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Friday, October 3, 2008

And it's begun...

OK so Paige got her first phone call from a friend from school. She was so excited. As soon as the phone was in her hand she was not stop talking. I don't think her friend said anything...let me rephrase that...her friend couldn't get a word in! She likes to walk and talk on the phone so she went to my bedroom to walk around in circles. I gave her a pair of shorts for her to put away (thinking she could do that and talk at the same time) She looks at me and Says "mom I'm on the phone!!!", then she says to her friend "my mom is such a disaster"!!! I have no idea where she got that from but it was too funny I just cracked up. So then she went up stairs to her room (for privacy) then Adam started watching her talk (we like to watch her talk on the phone because she doesn't stop, and we feel sorry for the person on the other end) She pointed to the phone and said "dad its private"! It was so funny. I can just imagine how she's going to be when she's older!!!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bailout Plan! The House Aint Buyin It!!


Friday, September 26, 2008

River Front Park cont...

Owen did not like this!!!

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