Thursday, October 23, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

Me, Paige and Adams mom went to see Phantom of the Opera. It was really cool. I've been to Les Miserables and I liked that better but this was still really good. Paige loves the movie so she was excited to see it on stage. When it started she was on the edge of her set for like the first 15 minutes, she loved it! She got a little restless in the middle but loved the ending. I bought her one of the books they sell and now she wants the poster to put up in her room and the music CD. I'm glad she enjoyed it. I never went to a broadway show growing up (mom why was that???) so I'm glad my daughter had the opportunity to go. I'm glad she enjoys the broadway music like I do. So we'll see what comes to Spokane next year and hopefully we'll go! (That last picture I took because I loved the view with all the fall colors and the river.)
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SHANNA said...

that is so fun! i want to get my girls some good tickets to broadway for christmas. i LOVE the phantom of the opera.

Smith Family said...

Looks like a great time. This is why I love raising girls, you get to do all this fun stuff with them that boys could really care less about. I have the dress waiting, I would of sent it but I don't have your address. As far as the tag goes you just answer the same questions that I answered.

melanie said...

cool! i would love to see phantom on broadway.