Sunday, May 31, 2009

Riley turns 8!

Riley's birthday fell on a conference Sunday (which he loved he could stay in his pjs all day!), He had a Star Wars the Clone wars birthday. Since his birthday was an important number we had a big party for him, he had a lazor tag party and a sleep over. The boys had a blast. It was nice for me cuz I wasn't feeling well that night at all so Adam did everything! When they got back from lazor tag they opened presents and one kid gave him a nerf gun but it wasn't just any old nerf gun this one was a Machine Nerf Gun! The boys had so much fun playing with it. We had enough nerf guns for all the boys so they were pretty much having a nerf war. Bullets were flying everywhere, even Adam and Owen got in on it(Paige spent the night with mema, I didn't think she would have fun with all the boys). While the boys were eating pizza they were burping and making arm farts and Owen loved it! He thought it was so funny, so he tried unsuccessfully, the boys thought it was so funny so of course Owen kept doing it and laughing. Owen was the class clown that night. When we go to Riley's class the boys still ask Owen to snap or do something. Its pretty funny.
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Spring is finally here!

On the first day of warm weather we were out side all day! I was even feeling a little better to go out. It was so nice we had a picnic, played baseball, and rode bikes. The kids wanted to play in the sprinklers but it was still not warm enough yet!
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Paige turns 6!

This year I wasn't feeling well to have a big party so Paige invited just a few friends from school to have a jewelry party! They loved it. Since I had everything I didn't have to go out to buy things or plan things which made it easy for me!

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I'm back and feeling better!!!

Now that I'm feeling better I can start posting pics starting way back in Feburary.

This is Lucy. We love Lucy, as you can see so does Owen! Every time he sees her at church he always calls out her name. We were babysitting her one day and Owen bombarded her with his toys and kept her happy. When the kids came home from school and saw Lucy sitting there they were so excited (well Paige did she loves baby girls!) We had fun watching her.

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