Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paiges 8th Birthday Party

Paige decided on a Spa Party. Here's what they did and some pictures of some decorations. It was funny because one of the dads went home and told his wife that we went all out. I don't really think so but it did turn out really cute!

Once again I got out my handy-dandy Silhouette machine (what did I do with out it before!) and made this sign. Paige loves it. Isn't the babys breath pretty? I love the simplicity of it. It looks so Shabby Chic to me.

Of course I had to add some to the cupcakes. I also made these little hanging bead things. I don't have a name for them but I've made them for flowers in vases. Seen here There's a better picture of them a few pictures below. I think they turned out really pretty.

You can kinda see them better here.

Little miss Rug Rat!!! She had fun with all the girls. I set everything up the night before and it was really hard keeping her off the table. She loves being on table tops! Hope that doesn't become her profession later in life!!! hahaha

These are some of what was in the goody bags. I made these Fancy pens. I just hot glued feathers and sparkly glittery ribbon to a pen and now we can call it a Fancy Pen! Paige and I made lip gloss. They also put in there the other things they made which you'll see in the pictures below.

I let them pick a finger nail polish when they were done painting their nails to put in their goody bags.

They made rings. The ring part is just rings pops. I didn't have trouble finding anyone to eat the sucker part since I live with 4 of them. When they were all done I just cut the stub off.

Here's Paige's ring. Notice her nails, cute huh!

They made Bath Salts with the hint of Lavender.

And finally they made Face glitter. It's super easy. Just mix Aloe Vera, I got the fragrance free and color free one. And just add fine glitter. I think they liked this one the best. After all that they ate pizza and opened presents, and ate cupcakes with ice cream. She had a lot of fun. Shes going blog about it also and put more pictures on her blog soon.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paiges Invitations

I had a good friend take some pictures of Paige for her Baptism invitations and design them too. She does such a good job I had her do one for her birthday party too. I then added a little envelope using my handy-dandy silhouette machine :)
It says -You're invited blah blah blah...come to the Ooo La La! Spa for an afternoon of pampering......Paige Tait's house blah get the idea!
Paige is getting really excited after seeing everything I'm doing for her party. Its funny because you'd think an 8yr old (well almost 8) wouldn't really care about all the fancy and pretty things but she sure does. She is definitely my daughter!
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A sneak peek at Paiges birthday party....

Stay tuned to how it all turns out!
Just a little side note I found this 2 tower tray (don't know what its called) at a thrift store for
4$! Its going to be perfect for Paige's party.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poor Holland

Day of the burn
The day after

So I was cleaning the upstairs bathroom and Holland shut the door behind me when I opened it, not knowing that she was behind it, it knocked her over and she fell on top of the heater. Poor thing. I felt so bad.
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