Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ballard Design knockoff.....

Ballard Designs.....


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ordering one "Mental break down" coming right up!!!!

OK so Sunday I almost had a mental brake down. I was going over some activities and planning with the YM pres and it hit me all at once. There is SOOOOO much going on the next few months. Here's just the big events that I have to do. Now remember this doesn't include all the little things, like keeping up the house, cooking, school stuff with the kids, Sunday lessons, Preschool at my house, church meetings, FHE lessons etc... etc... etc...you get the picture also keep in mind that both of my counselors will be having babies or with a new born around the time of all these things. I told them they planned this well! So the big things are:

-A etiquette dinner and I get to do the center pieces
-Priest/Laurel Dinner, don't know what I have to do for that but I know I have to do something
-New Beginnings-which if you know me I go all out for parties which takes up a lot of time
-Ward talent night, they want the YW to do something, so we have to plan and practice= more time
-Both of Paige's birthday parties, friends and family- (again I go all out)
-Paige's Baptism
-Both of Riley's Birthday parties, friends and family
-our 12th anniversary
-and last the mother of all ships that will be the most time consuming is the YW/YM fundraiser dinner/auction/garage sale, don't forget about all the little things too!

I'm sitting here organizing everything and putting everything on a weekly calender (while I'm planning my YW lesson for Sunday and my Preschool lesson) I have this blog that I LOVE http://jonesdesigncompany.com/thoughts/crazy where I found the weekly calenders. It helps me to focus on just that week and not the whole month which just overwhelms me just looking at a monthly calender now. But at the end of this hurricane is a trip to HOLLAND!!!! Yes you read it right... HOLLAND...that was my birthday present from Adam. How awesome is he! That's what getting me through all this. After the last big thing I'm done, well for now! Sadly though I will be going without my husband, I'll be going with my parents and my brother. I'm not complaining about what I have to do I love my calling, and everything else, it just hit me that all these things will be happening in a 2 month period. So a little at a time Nikki, a little at a time....