Monday, January 31, 2011

The Office finally and totally done......

Just some pretty things here and there around the office.

It has been SO nice having an office. I don't no why I didn't think of it before like 6yrs ago when we moved in! I don't know how I went with out one. I have space for everything. Its so Awesome.

Gotta have some light reading laying around also for Inspiration. Also they are too pretty to put away.

Nice and organized!

Yes I made this. I'll post about it another day. I copied it from Ballard Designs.

Some of my beads. My grandma made most of these laces that were framed by my mom.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The girls new room

I realized I never posted pictures of the girls new room. I totally redid the upstairs and got rid of A LOT of stuff. I wish I had pictures of the piles of STUFF. There was a lot! This used to be the boys room. Now the boys are in what used to be the playroom and Paige's old room is now the office. I'm almost finished with the office and the boys room was a mess so I'll post about those another day.

I hand painted the scalloped circle thing above Hollands bed and one by Paige's bed.

and I also hand painted the dots too that went across their room.

This is where Paige pretty much spends her time. In her closet! Obviously you can tell she has her art work all over the walls. This is so perfect for her because she loves to draw and do her own thing, now with her new room she can actually hang them on the walls. Her mean mom wouldn't let her hang them up in her old room because it made her room look messy! :P

I can't go in there because every time I do I "apparently" mess everything up by cleaning up! She has everything in order according to her. Looks like a mess to me! oh-well its her space I can just close the door and not look at it.

This is her reading area.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Silhouette project...

I don't decorate for Valentines day, Adam & I don't care for the Holiday but this I liked. I've seen these a lot. They are called Subway Art. I didn't have pale pink vinyl so I just used pink card stock and glued each letter on!
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Friday, January 14, 2011

I WON!!!!

Look at what I won. I love this blog I love everything about it to the way she decorates her house all the way to the way she dresses! She makes and sells the coolest cards too(I won some yay). Her style is exactly my style too. Anyways go check out her blog. I love it!!! What a fun package to get in the mail I can't wait til I get it.

My Silhouette Projects so far....

So I got one of these for Christmas. A Silhouette Machine. I love it. I brought it with me to my sisters house and it was definitely a hit. I (aka Andy) did lots of vinyl projects for pretty much everyone that was there. These are some projects I've done.

Sorry the pictures aren't in focus. For some reason my camera isn't Auto Focusing. If anyone knows how to fix it let me know.

This means "Love in this house" in Dutch. I have it above the door way walking into my Dutch theme kitchen.

I've done pretty much only vinyl projects. But I'm in the middle of doing some glass etching projects and some other things that I'll post when they are done!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nanny and Poppy with all 16 grandkids

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