Monday, January 31, 2011

The Office finally and totally done......

Just some pretty things here and there around the office.

It has been SO nice having an office. I don't no why I didn't think of it before like 6yrs ago when we moved in! I don't know how I went with out one. I have space for everything. Its so Awesome.

Gotta have some light reading laying around also for Inspiration. Also they are too pretty to put away.

Nice and organized!

Yes I made this. I'll post about it another day. I copied it from Ballard Designs.

Some of my beads. My grandma made most of these laces that were framed by my mom.


Rboot said...

Good job Nikki

Lorna Kyle Boot said... may want to hang up my birthday gift to you, in there. You'll get it when we come out.

melanie said...

love it!!! very pretty. its a total "nikki" room