Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The girls new room

I realized I never posted pictures of the girls new room. I totally redid the upstairs and got rid of A LOT of stuff. I wish I had pictures of the piles of STUFF. There was a lot! This used to be the boys room. Now the boys are in what used to be the playroom and Paige's old room is now the office. I'm almost finished with the office and the boys room was a mess so I'll post about those another day.

I hand painted the scalloped circle thing above Hollands bed and one by Paige's bed.

and I also hand painted the dots too that went across their room.

This is where Paige pretty much spends her time. In her closet! Obviously you can tell she has her art work all over the walls. This is so perfect for her because she loves to draw and do her own thing, now with her new room she can actually hang them on the walls. Her mean mom wouldn't let her hang them up in her old room because it made her room look messy! :P

I can't go in there because every time I do I "apparently" mess everything up by cleaning up! She has everything in order according to her. Looks like a mess to me! oh-well its her space I can just close the door and not look at it.

This is her reading area.


melanie said...

love it!!! very pretty.

Who are we? said...

Cute! love the art closet----where do her clothes go?

Joy @ Light Bulbs said...

Very does Paige do with a little sister in her room? Wish Anne had a closet like that...Andrew too. They always make a huge mess coloring and then I have to get after them for leaving crayons/markers down becuase then Jackson gets into them. They need a closet!