Wednesday, May 26, 2010

one day...

Doesn't this look relaxing and warm! Wish I was there.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garage sale goodies...

I went to this one garage sale and found a lot of good things. Like this stroller I got for 5$. Its practically new too hardly been used. Mine is one of those really big ones that take up the whole back of the car. So this one will be really nice.

I usually don't buy clothes at garage sales but this one was so good. They had Baby lu-lu, Children's Place, Old Navy, Gymboree and they were practically new too hardly warn. So I couldn't pass those up.

I don't think the pink floral dress was warn at all. It even has a matching dress for a baby doll.

If you know designer diaper bags then you'll know this bag.. its a Fleurville. I got it for 18$!!! which retails for over 100$. yeah couldn't pass that up. I don't need one, my sister got me a Ju-Ju Be bag which I love so I don't need this one. So I'm going to resell it on line.

Look in perfect condition!!!

These I got at another garage sale for 4$, they're salt and pepper shakers. I love the idea of each guest having there own salt and pepper so they don't have to keep asking to pass it around.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I have a chandelier fettish!!!

If you've been to my house you've noticed that I have a thing for chandeliers. I have one in my room, the girls room, the upstairs hallway, over the kitchen table and the down stairs bathroom, I had one in the kitchen but it hung too low, everyone except Adam and I kept hitting their heads on it, so I took it down. I even have one hanging on my rear view mirror in my car and my sister-n-law made me a pillow with a chandelier on it. I also made one. (see here) So yes you can say I have a thing for chandeliers!

So anyways I found this picture on anther blog and I loved it. I want to print it and frame it. Its so cool looking. I love all the colors.

I love spring

Posted by PicasaSpokane is known for the Lilac City. Lilacs everywhere! I love it. They even have a Lilac parade. Anyways I just cut a bunch and put them through out my house so I thought I'd take some pictures because there so pretty.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marker holder...

I saw this on another blog. I've seen them before with crayons but never got around to making or buying one. So I thought I'd give it a try. So I made one for Paige since she uses markers more I made it to fit her markers. I didn't have a pattern so don't judge! I do think it would be cuter with ribbon as a tie but I thought velcro would be easier for her. But she loves it. She lays it out on the table and the church bench and they don't roll off. I even made extra spaces for pencils and pens. Anyways thought I'd share.
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