Monday, October 10, 2011

Owens 5!!!

This was a game I made. You had to throw the ball in one of the bases. One kid threw it in 2nd base and it bounced off the door and landed back in the bucket of balls. It was really funny. The kids loved it.

We had hot dogs, which I rolled in foil like they do at the ball games and I also made kettle corn (super yummy) which they have at ball games also! Then lemonade and of course baseball cupcakes and Ice cream.

In their good bags I put a bag of sunflower seeds, babyruth candy bars (cuz you know Babe Ruth the great bambeano, the sultan of swat), and bubble gum, suckers and a baseball card.

His poor nose is all beat up. Earlier that day the T.V in the boys room fell on him. Luckily that was the only damage! We can't figure out how it fell, he won't tell us. lol

Lots of 5yr olds! I think there were 11!

This was over the food table. I also hung baseball cards from the ceiling over the table. You can kinda see it in the back ground. (Sorry about the poor pictures I forgot to take pictures before everyone came and the lighting's not very good.)

We all had our Baseball gear on since it was baseball themed. I didn't have anything so I borrowed a shirt from Riley and surprisingly it fit!

This is Emily. She was one of my YW. Shes part of the family, we love her. It was funny because she brought her boy-friend and there was another YW there also. Everyone thought they came to help with the party but Owen invited them. He's 5 and already getting the ladies!!! lol (Shes even going to the Breaking Dawn midnight show with me and spending the night! How fun can't wait!!!)

This was on his actual Birthday at his Grandma and Grandpas house. This is the BEST cake frosting ever.


(Don't know why theres all this space down here sorry!)