Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gotta love friends...

Since our camera is still out of commission I thought I'd post these old pictures from fall of o6'. Our friends the Olsen's were over and we do just about everything together. So one night the kids started beating up the dads. They had a ton of fun. The kids too! So until I get my camera fixed I leave you with these. Enjoy!

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Gotta love friends cont...

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Monday, June 23, 2008

New SpringWidget

Thursday, June 12, 2008

100 years old!!!

OK I can finally post pictures so I'd thought I'd do a little tribute to our house. I love our house. It was the perfect size when we moved in but now we're out growing it fast. Its 100 years old this year. We've lived in it for almost 3 and we've done a lot to it. I love how old it is. I remember telling my mom that there's no way I would even consider buying a house this old cuz I wanted everything to be brand new and clean! But now I won't go the other way. I love older homes with front porches, the charm they have and all the history. You don't have that with the new homes. And here in Spokane there's a lot of old homes like this. But unfortunately I've done all that I can to this house and I want to move to the next old house and fix it up and make it better. My minds been going crazy. All I've been thinking about is decorating! I've even emailed my sister and told her what to do with her sons room cuz all my rooms are done! So this fall we're going to start looking at houses and see how the market is. I can't wait!

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Ok I guess we have a little Spring here!

These are some of our flowers around the house. I guess spring has started at out house but I think it skipped a few ok a lot of houses in our neighborhood!!!
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Spring!!! What's Spring? Haven't seen it here!

Ok we have had it with the cold weather. We had one weekend where it was hot but then it went cold again. I took this picture last night. Paige, Owen and I were coming out of the church from mutual and there was a huge dark cloud I mean it was black coming in pretty fast. So I told Paige to hurry and get in the car before it started pouring on us because a storm was coming. Big mistake with using the word "storm" . Not a minute later it was hailing so hard you had to yell to talk to each other in the car. The roads were rushing with water and the hail I'm not exaggerating they were as big as m&ms!!! Then we saw this perfect rainbow in the middle of the the ugliness. So I had to take a picture of it. Mean while Paige was crying cuz she thought it was going to flood. Then it started to thunder, that didn't help. So with the hail, the rain, the thunder and the wind she was pretty scared. I loved it. Owen kept saying "wawoo". In English that translates to water! Paige was asking if a tornado was coming. I said "no, we don't get those here that's by nanny and poppy!" Another big mistake! It seemed I wasn't helping much. She was all "I want to be home with daddy. I'm going to miss nanny, poppy, Brooklyn, Mya, Ollie and baby Elodie..." she named every person on both sides of the family. She even said she was going to miss her baby sister in heaven !!!(but we'll just ignore the topic for now!) she thought it was going to flood and she wasn't going to see anyone again. :( So I reminded her about the story of Noah and the Arc and about the promise Heavenly Father gave us by giving us rainbows. It seemed to help a little. It was actually kinda funny. I couldn't help not laughing. Oh Paige what a sweet little spirit she has.
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If only...

I remember the sunsets growing up in California and this one doesn't compare to the one I've seen at the beach but it will have to do!!!
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Exclusive first Twilight movie scene

It's a little different then the book but all movies are from the books. Oh man I can't wait. I've started reading the 3rd book again and I just love it!