Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rachel Ashwell opened a Bed and Breakfast...

I love Rachel Ashwell. I love the coziness, how clean and fresh everything looks, the softness, the elegance, and how peaceful her decor is. I have a ton of things from her line in my house, dresser, lamps, linens, curtains, blankets I even found wrapping paper. Ya I couldn't pass that up! This is her new book coming out soon and I can hardly wait. (above pic)

This one is her latest book. I LOVE IT!!!

Rachel opened a Bed and Breakfast in Texas. Here are a few of the pictures from inside. I'm so excited.

I want those 2 chairs

Notice she has chandeliers everywhere!!! Love that

Doesn't everything look so quite and cozy and relaxing? Looks just like her books. I would love love love to stay there someday. I'll be sure to show this to Adam and maybe it'll be a birthday present someday. :) Hint hint.....wink wink!!!