Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paiges Invitations

I had a good friend take some pictures of Paige for her Baptism invitations and design them too. She does such a good job I had her do one for her birthday party too. I then added a little envelope using my handy-dandy silhouette machine :)
It says -You're invited blah blah blah...come to the Ooo La La! Spa for an afternoon of pampering......Paige Tait's house blah get the idea!
Paige is getting really excited after seeing everything I'm doing for her party. Its funny because you'd think an 8yr old (well almost 8) wouldn't really care about all the fancy and pretty things but she sure does. She is definitely my daughter!
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Anonymous said...

that was me----sorry!

melanie said...

very cute!!!!

Biddles & Scootch said...

lily does to