Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Baseball and Soccer

Well its that time of year again where Riley's in Baseball. Theres nothing like watching Baseball.
I love it. I was going through these and noticed I didn't take any of Riley up to bat. Those I'll have to do next week.

Then there's Owen, he loves going to the kids games.

and Holland, she just sits there and plays with what ever she can get her hands on. Shes crawling now but she still just sits there.

We finally got Paige signed up for Soccer this summer. She loves it. Its so fun to watch her. Shes so aggressive, always right there with the ball trying to get it. If the goal was a foot longer on each side she would have made lots of goals. Its funny to watch Paige play compaired to Riley. Paige is all about having fun but still doing well. Riley well he gets mad when he strikes out or doesn't do well. I dread the rides home when Riley doesn't do well. Paige she just says how much fun it was.


Rboot said...

I hope to make some of the games this summer. I'd love to watch them play. Holland is cute sitting there with that smile, like she's having fun.


melanie said...

nash starts soccer soon. i like watching soccer better than baseball...

brooklyn said...

paige plays scoccer??????