Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Riley T-ball

Over the summer Riley did T-ball. He loved it. He was so into the game. He wasn't one of those kids that stood there and picked there nose or kicking the grass or playing with their hat. He paid attention! He was mostly pitcher but every once in a while he played 1st and 3rd base. Once he got out and he did not like that, he was so mad. Like father like son! His team was undefeated. Which of course made Riley and his dad happy! I'm actually glad his team won every game just so I didn't have to deal with him being so mad! Adam did good. I thought he was going to be one of "those" dads that yelled at the coach's, well he did just under his breath and not often! We all had so much fun going to the games.

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Nash Family said...

What a professional ball player! That kid cracks me up!!!