Thursday, January 3, 2008

At the Cabin

After Christmas Adam and I, Melissa and Trent, Melanie and Tyson, Andy and my parents all stayed at a cabin in Wyoming at the Teton Mountians. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work but fun! We had to snowmobile into the cabin. It was not fun when you had to drive to the cabin at night when it was like 5 degrees out and with the wind in your face, burrrrrrr!!! Owen didn't like it much. He cried every time he heard them. The kids rode in a sled behind the snow mobile. They loved it.
Owen loved baby Ruby. He was always kissing her and just looking at her. It was so cute.

Owen did not like the snow boots he had to wear. He couldn't stand or walk in them. He would crawl around and cry looking at me wanting me to help him up while we just took pictures and video laughing. It was mean but we got great pictures and video!

There was a hill that we went sledding on. The picture doesn't do justice it was so steep and long. When I went down, naturally the heaviest part, which of course is my butt!!! It kept hitting the ground and I got a ton of snow down my pants. I screamed the whole way down. It was so fast I didn't have time to think if I was going to hit a tree or fly off. It was fun none the less. The kids pretty much went sledding everyday and the guys went snowboarding with Riley and Brooklyn. A word of advise if you ever have to sleep in the same room as Nash, don't!!! He likes to talk just like his mommy, he doesn't know when to be quiet! Brooklyn choreographed a dance that the kids all preformed New Years Eve. That was fun to watch. And believe it or not Riley actually danced in front of everyone. So anyways that's how we spent our Holiday's.

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Rob, Shanna and the fabulous five said...

wish we were there!!!

Nash Family said...

That hill looks huge!

Rboot said...

It was really funny watching Owen try to stand with the boots on. His mommy laughed the most as she just stood there looking at him struggling to stand. Poor kid!!!

The Tait Family said...

hey you were laughing too!!!