Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

OK So we had another great Halloween! The kids got SO much candy. We went to our Trunk or Treat Thursday then went Trick or Treating Halloween night. We went to Cheney (where Adams family lives). Every time the door bell rang and Owen saw who or what was at the door he screamed bloody murder. It was pretty funny.

At first Owen did not like going house to house but after a few houses he would run to the door and knock and say "Tigi Teet" and "thank you" and if he didn't have his bag he would yell "mom bag". It was pretty cute. There were some real fun houses that totally went all out. One house had games and prizes the kids loved that one. Then we came back and had movie night. (every Friday we have movie night and take turns picking the movie)
...Paige was a witch
...Riley was Luke Skywalker from "The Emperor Strikes back". Only one person knew who he was, every ones else thought he was a astronaut or a pilot!
...and Owen, no one knew who he was either manly because he didn't want to wear his mask. He was Nacho Libre. People thought he was a Muscle Man or a Super hero.

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Rboot said...

Glad they all had so much fun. Did you and Adam get dressed up or just go as yourself....that's scary enough!

SHANNA said...

looks like the kids had a great time!

Nikki said...

no adam and i don't like to dress up. we're poops!

CAMI said...

wow your on top of it- Halloween already! I love the witch costume very cute with the tights- let me guess you made part of it huh!
I am jealous you went to phantom of the opera- I absolutely love the movie and grew up listening to to the broadway soundtrack- I have been wanting to go for ever- plus im jealous you have Jody to go with and as a mother in law! - I love her!

melanie said...


Manthey said...

The costumes are great!