Sunday, November 30, 2008


The kids colored their own place mats.

So this year Thanksgiving was at my house! It was a lot of fun. My sister came with her family and 3 of my husbands brothers came with their families and Adams parents. So our house was pretty full but that's what makes it fun right! After the football game on TV was over I brought down the kids Foosball/Air hockey table and we had a family tournament. It was a lot of fun. Tyson(my brother-n-law) won the adult tournament and Riley won the kids. Later we played some Killer Uno. It was fun just hanging around and being with family.
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Rboot said...

Tyson didn't cheat, did he?

Nikki said...

ha ha no actually he didn't!

SHANNA said...

looks like fun! the more, the merrier!! where's the banner? everything looks pretty.

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

Dad stole my thoughts and asked it first.