Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baseball time!

Well its that time of year where Riley plays baseball. I love watching Riley play baseball. Of course he's the best on the team again and that's not just coming from me. I know I'm his mom and that can be biased but he really is always one of the best ones on is teams. They played a team a few weeks ago and the coach on that team ended up being Riley's coach his first year of baseball. Well it was funny cuz every time Riley was up to bat that coach would say "Riley's up everyone back up, keep backing up." of course Adam loved hearing it. That same game Riley made a double play and that coach said he needs to be on the older kids teams not with all the young kids. Again Adam loved hearing this. They started kid pitch and again Riley was the best one at pitching so his coach put him 1st up to pitch, it was funny cuz Adam was just as nervous as Riley. He ended up striking out 5 kids and only 2 got to base and never made it home. So it was a fun game to watch.
Adams helps out so he's always by the kids and Owen likes to think he's helping too!
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melanie said...

i love that pic of owen and adam. good job riley!!!

Brett said...

Hope to see Riley play one of these days.