Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hollands Blessing...

Riley has really taken a liking to Holland. At first he wouldn't even kiss or hold her now shes the first thing he goes to after school. Hes such a big help. Always willing to hold her and he loves putting her to sleep. He lays on the couch with Holland on his chest.

Paige is not that into her as I thought. She holds her and kisses her but not as much as Riley.

Owen Always has to know where "baby" is, that's what he calls her. But he's not a big help either. If I ask him to get something he say "no you get it." Hes such a little punk. Since Hollands been born he won't go to nursery which he loved! Last week he wouldn't leave my side. In a couple of weeks hes a Sunbeam. So we'll see how he does.

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melanie said...

owen will be a sunbeam??? so him and mya will be in the same class at church?? wierd. they seem further apart in age ( well, i guess she's at the beginning of the year and he's at the end). holland is sooo cute!!!

SHANNA said...

it's hard to believe that ollie and owen and mya will all be sunbeams! that is weird..... Holland is soooooooo stinking sweet! i wish i could come and kiss those big ole cheeks! miss you guys. i LOVE the picture of riley and holland. so sweet.

Tyrel said...

She is gorgeous! You have such beautiful kids..and babies. Mine area all old-manish when they're born, but yours are perfect the second they come out, you're lucky!!!
We hope to see you really soon, and a whole lot more often with the move! LOves, Deb