Friday, January 1, 2010


We had a really good Christmas this year. Christmas Eve we went to Adams parents house to do the nativity and other things. The kids get to open a family present which is always a game. They also got robes this year.

Growing up we had a tradition taking pictures sitting on the stairs oldest at the top and youngest at the bottom on Christmas morning. So we've continued that tradition in our family.

In our house Santa only brings 1 present and the rest are from mom and dad. The one from Santa isn't wrapped so the kids have to stay upstairs until we come and get them, I know the torture we put them through! (we have the baby monitor on so we know when they're up) Well Owen sometimes comes down in our bed in the middle of the night. So sure enough he came running in our room Christmas morning waving his present from Santa. We pried it from his hands and put it back. We got the other kids tried to take the pictures and opened presents. (that's why Owen wasn't happy in the picture, he knew what was down stairs waiting for him.)

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melanie said...

looks like they got some good stuff!!! I TOTALLY forgot to do the stairs picture this year...and mom and dad were even here and they didn't remember. darn it!!