Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is the AFTER...I had a good friend take pictures of some Jewelry I've made. I found some really cool lamps at T.J. Max (I love that store) My sister-n-law Shanna made me the Chandelier pillow.
I found the dresser at a thrift store and painted it white and added crystal knobs. The dresser actually works out better then our last one. It has 3 little drawers inside the big doors, which is perfect for our things. The long drawers in the middle have all my Jewelry stuff and theres a lot of stuff, is now all hidden and organized. :)
We don't have room for a book case anywhere so I just put them on top of the dresser and I used curtain holders as bookends. Which look really cool! I kept my Vanity of course and put up a couple of old frames I had and hung up some Jewelry I've made. So now we have a bedroom that actually feels like a bedroom!


SHANNA said...

THAT IS SOOOO PRETTY! i especially like the pillow! you are so talented and i LOVE that dresser. nice find!