Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hollands One!

She was the cleanest eating the cake out of all the kids.

Reading her books! She loves her books.

One of her presents were books and she laughed when opened it . It was so funny. She didn't care about opening the other presents. She just wanted the books.

I didn't go "all" out like I usually do for parties. I had YW stuff and Super Saturday stuff so this was all that I did. Instead of streamers I glued rhinestones on ribbon, different size rhinestones and all different lengths of ribbon. They turned out really pretty. I almost don't want to take them down.


Joy @ Light Bulbs said...

Isn't it sad how fast the first year goes by? I miss my baby already.

Christy said...

How cute! You're awfully dangerous letting her eat in her cute birthday outfit!

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

Sorry we missed the big day, but at least we were there the week before.

brooklyn said...

happy bday holland!!!!!!!!!