Saturday, April 5, 2008

Riley is 7!!!

Today Riley turned 7. He had a great day he got to open one present in the morning so he could play with something until he waited to open the rest. In the afternoon we went to see Horton Here's a Who. They loved it. Later Adams family came and we had cake and ice cream and he opened the rest of his presents. He got some money from nanny and poppy so we went and got somethings with that and Adams mom is taking Paige and Riley out for both their birthdays. In May they're having their parties. I like to go all out for their birthdays as some of you know and have seen, well this year I think I'm going to combine them and have it be a carnival theme at the park. So it'll be fun. Can't wait to start planning it. That's my favorite part. All in all I think the kids had good birthdays this year.

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Mama Nash said...

happy Reily!!! LOVE THE OUTFITS and the modeling...way to represent! Mula

Mama Nash said...

I can't belive Riley is 7 I thoght he was 2! love brooklyn!

The Tait Family said...

funny bids!!!