Wednesday, July 9, 2008

happy 4th of July!

This year for the 4th of July we went to Glacier National park in Montana. It was a lot of fun. Ont eh way there was not so fun. 3 out of 3 kids have thrown up on road trips at the same age! Owen threw up only after about 30 minutes on the road. Riley and Paige did the same thing. (Andy remember the trip to Georgia?) I should have thought about giving him motion sickness medicine, but I didn't. He also threw up again when we were coming down from the Going to the Sun mountain. Yeah not fun. Apparently they get this from their dad!!! Adam did the same thing at their age.

I'm one who has to see fireworks on the 4th. So I was a little bummed about going to Montana because I didn't think we were going to see fireworks. But we actually saw the BEST firework show we've ever seen. We went to a town called Hungry Horse. They didn't have commercial fireworks everyone just brought their own. It was like a big party in the street. Fireworks were going off all around us. We had some go off right above our heads. it was pretty cool. It was to loud for Owen and Henry. Owen actually fell asleep. ( just a little side note-the baby on Riley is not mine, I wish she was. That's Adalyn, Jordan and Abbie's baby.)

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Mama Nash said...

yeah...finally a post and new pics. Looks like a fun trip. The kids are excited for tomorrow! We got a new is RED, so you know to look for us! LOL

The Tait Family said...

why is that funny. is a podunck car or something or a hummer!!!