Sunday, July 13, 2008

This weekend Melissa and Trent came up. Of course the first night the wrestling began, on our bed! I don't know what it is about our bed but all the kids navigate to our bed to wrestle. They had to all sleep together, so we put them in the playroom. They went to bed about 10 and woke up about 6! They were just so excited to be together. The next day we went to a water park. It ended up not being as fun as we thought. The water was ice cold and it wasn't even 80 degree's out and with a little breeze it made it harder to get into the water and it was way over priced. I mean it was fun but we'll never go back. We'll go somewhere else next time.
Paige and Lily switched places, Lily wore Paige's clothes and they pretended to be each other. It was cute. Usually when the kids get together they all fight over Brooklyn, who gets to sit by her, who gets to sleep by her...but no one did that this time. It was Riley and Brooklyn who played together, Paige and Lily, and Otto and Owen. They had a lot of fun. And Ruby loved Adam!!! Yeah go figure, I'm the one who watched her for a week. She did come right to me when she saw me though so that was nice.

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SHANNA said...

looks like fun! i love how much the kids love eachother.

melanie said...

wish i could have been there! looks like you had a good time