Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last trip of the summer...

Over Labor Day weekend we went to my sisters beach house on the Washington coast. I've been wanting to go all summer long. They've had perfect weather but of course when I finally got to go it was cold and rainy! Just my luck! It was disappointing but it was still fun.

Riley and Paige were so excited to finally go to the beach they just ran in with there clothes on. But I kept my mouth shut even though I was dying, cuz they had fun!

My brother-n-law made a potato launcher (he's from Idaho, that explains everything!!!) So the guys had fun seeing how far they can shoot'em.

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melanie said...

it was a fun weekend!!

Joy said...

When are you due? I am due the 10th of October. I so miss the Oregon coast. Someday Zac and I want to retire there.