Monday, February 8, 2010


So a good friend of mine took pictures of some Jewelry that I've made. I enlarged them to 8x10s and hung them in my newly decorated bedroom. (I'll show finished room in a later blog, its still in the works) but didn't she do an awesome job? I love them! Thanks again Emily!
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Sarah said...

beautiful pictures!!! can't wait to try on the ribbon one!

i can't believe holland is getting so big. it makes me sad that i haven't see her yet. she is so sweet! our 4th baby was the best also! enjoy her and give her big smooches from aunt shanna.

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

She did a really good job Nic! They're beautiful.

melanie said...

love them!

Veronica said...

I wish we still lived close so i could come to your jewelry parties. They were so much fun! I love your new items!!!