Friday, February 19, 2010


We got the boys bunk beds. Then Adam and I decided to take their old bed. Our old bed was a king and the boys was a queen. It was hard going to a smaller bed but we love it so much better because it was a new bed and ours, well lets just say it was time for us to get a new bed.

With the smaller bed I needed to get new sheets and new bedding which meant shopping which led to redecorating!!!! My favorite thing to do. The bedding I got is Rachel Ashwell (if you don't know she's my favorite designer) I painted an accent wall where the bed is, the blue that's in the bedding. Its still a work in progress. I'll post before and after pictures when I'm done.

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melanie said...

love the new bedding and the bunks!!

Mama Nash said...

tell riley i'm excided for him!!!!!