Friday, July 23, 2010

"I want everything 1/2 off please?"

These are small. I think they can only hold like a 1/2c. I have big ones that I found at a garage sale last year.

This is a candle holder. So Shabby Chic!

The best part is they were all under 9$!!! It was 30% off everything day. So some of those things were less then a dollar! There are 2 more things I bought but I didn't post because I'm giving those to my mom and mother-law, which they will see!

When I got home I asked Adam if I had a sign on my back that said "I want everything 1/2 off please." Because after I went to the thrift store I went to buy flowers and the check-out lady gave me everything half off. I should have paid 50$ for the flowers but I got them all for 25$! Of course all the savings made Adam happy!!!

Oh I also found some really cool very detailed kitchen chairs (I'll put up pics later) but I can't wait to get my hands on them and make them look awesome! I got all 6 chairs for 5$ a chair. Wait until you see them because they look like they should be 15$ or 20$ a chair!


melanie said...

good finds!!!