Monday, July 5, 2010

A rainy day...

So today was a rainy day-well half of the day anyway so I decided to play a game I saw on line. The kids had so much fun until Riley started losing and got mad! He came around and we finished the game. I'm not going to say who won cuz the kids read my blog. So to say they ALL won!!!
Heres how to play you just take pictures around the house and have them look for them. Every once in a while I had to tell them which room it was in. Can you tell what these pictures are of?

1st- Hollands pants
2nd- bottom of the Air Hockey paddle
3rd- chair in family room
4th- a fan
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melanie said...

thats a REALLY good idea. i will have to do that with my kids!

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

LOVE IT!! Very Montessori

SHANNA said...

that looks so fun!! definately playing that with my kiddos soon! GREAT IDEA.