Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ensign Ranch

This is Hollands new smile! So funny I love it. Who by the way is WALKING!!!
There was this huge slip-n-slid. The kids and adults had so much fun on it.
Then we did some horse back riding. I thought Owen would be scared to get on, but he wasn't he went right on. Which is weird because he won't pet dogs.
Every time Holland went close to the horses she would laugh. It was the funniest thing. Riley and Paige have pictures on horses too but I'll let them put the pictures up on their blogs. So look at their blogs soon to see more pictures from the weekend.
We had a fun, dirty, cold weekend but it was fun!!!
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Christy said...

Looks like so much fun! That slip n slide looks seriously intense, wow!

Rboot said...

Good for Owen. Glad you had fun with the beasts....do I mean the kids or animals?