Wednesday, September 29, 2010

messy messy girl!!!

This is Hollands daily routine. She goes over to the clean or dirty clothes which ever she can get her hands on then over to the drawers then she makes her way to the cupboards. Now if you know me I have to have things picked up and in order. Adam calls it OCD I call it organized! So I am constantly picking up after her. I can always tell wheres she's been. She loves getting into things -bags, boxes, backpacks, baskets, if it opens she will get into it. One day I found her upstairs in the boys room taking out all of Riley's clothes in his drawers.
So a little advise, if you ever come over to my house don't leave your purse on the floor Holland WILL find it and get into it!
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Rboot said...

I can't believe she is walking.

Christy said...

Ahhh it's sooo hard to not walk around after the kids and pick up every little thing. I usually make my rounds once Hailey is down for a nap, lol, just to do it all over again later. I totally know how you feel- it can get super frustrating sometimes.