Saturday, October 16, 2010

Owens Birthday Party

A good friend of mine fit this in her busy life and painted this for me. Shes awesome!!! The kids loved it.

I made Woody goody bags

The gift area

"you saved our lives we are eternally greatful"

One friend said the table looked "professional" hahaha funny, not even close!!! but thanks anyways.

We finally were able to have Owens Birthday Party. It was CRAZY!!! Out of 14 kids that Owen invited 12 came. Drinks spilling on carpets, some wanted to play with toys instead of the birthday games and one kid got into the cup cakes before we sang Happy B-day! I finally got them to play "pin the tail on Bullseye" some had a hard time not peeking! lol. It was a lot of work but fun. Owen got lots of fun toys.


melanie said... did it again!!! looks fantastic!

Rboot said...

A lot of work for a little punk!!! Cute one though.

All looks good Nikki.