Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preschool activities

With all the kids I have done Parent Co-op Preschool. Now its Owens turn. So last week was my week to teach. I had the sound "mmmm". So here's a couple of activities we did. The above picture we played the 'M'agnet game. I found things around the house that the magnet would stick to and not stick to. The kids had to guess what things were magnetized or not. This one we had to do few times because they loved it.

I drew an M on paper and the kids glued 'M'acaroni on it.

I also had other activities out for them to do. My parents got this for me in Holland. This has always been one of the kids favorite activities. I have the kids pick 2 triangles. Then we see who has the correct size, biggest to smallest. We always have to do this like 3 times. They love it.

This is a felt sandwich I actually made in college. I majored in Early Education! And while cleaning out the upstairs (I will post pictures of the "NEW' upstairs next week) I found it and thought the kids would like to play with it. They loved it.

This one I thought of at last minute and it was a huge hit. It's kinda like 'M'usical chairs but instead of chairs I used pictures. I printed out pictures and laminated them with "mmmm" sounds and other sounds but mostly "mmmm" since that was the sound of the week. I scattered them on the floor and had the kids walk around the pictures when I started the music. Once I stopped the music they had to hurry and find a picture with the sound "mmm" on it. We mixed them up and started the music again but I changed it up and had the kids run, walk slow, hop like a frog, take big steps etc... They had so much fun. We had to do this a few times also.

This one is a self correcting game. I had some number cards so I copied the backs with the number on it and laminated them. The kids matched the pictures to the correct number. And if they think they have the correct one they turn it over and see if the numbers match!

This one they trace the shapes and make pictures.

This one is like the triangle stacking game, put in order. Again I copied it printed it and laminated it.

This one is self explanatory!

This one I had the kids make sculptures with 'M'arshmallows. They had fun making and eating them!
(Melanie if there's any activity you want for Mya we can make them when you come)
Then I made 'mmm' books for the kids to bring home with them. (i forgot to take pictures of these)


melanie said...

wow...good job. mya would have loved to be in your class!!

Rboot said...

Looks like you put a lot of effort in this. Way to go.

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

GOOD JOB NIK!! Love it!