Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend with the Leishmans

So while Mel was here last weekend we went to Green Bluff. It was a lot of fun. This particular spot we went to had lots to do and eat! There was a corn maze that led you to a castle, a pirate ship, fresh Carmel apples and cider, peddle go-karts, bean bag throw game, fresh carmel apples and cider, blow up slid, train rides, fresh Carmel apples and cider, and of course pumpkin pick'in oh and did I mention they had fresh Carmel apples and cider!!! yummm

the boys beating the girls

he thinks hes cool or something!

This race was kind of nerve racking because both Nash and Riley are very competitive!!! So when they decided they wanted to race each other we knew it wasn't going to end pretty because that would mean one of the competitive boys would have to loose! Of course we both wanted our own kid to win so we wouldn't have to deal with their lose. Riley won the first round so that made Nash want to go again of course.

Nash got to sit in the front of the Train next to the driver. Can you tell he was excited?

I knew that was coming the minute Paige asked me to take a picture of her poking out of the pigs mouth! They both ganged up on her!


melanie said...

my kids had SOOOO much fun. they can't wait for paige to come here this weekend!!

Rboot said...

looks like fun.