Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn is here!!!

OK so last night some of us (and my mia maid) went to the Braking Dawn release party. Adam called it a "Nerd party!!!" Whatever! It was fun. Driving to Barns and Nobles we were all pumped up like we were going dancing or something (we all went dancing at a club a few nights back and it was soooooo fun!) When we got there they put wrists bands on us so when they called our letter we could get our book. There were girls there that painted their skin white to look like vampires. Other girls had evening gown dresses on. There were girls that had Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts. One shirt (picture above) was my favorite, Kate Cullen I like my men cold dead and sparkly...bite me! There were different activities: Twilight Trivia, songs, poetry inspired by Twilight, prom sash making(we did that one) chess game and if you one you got a pair of fangs, paper flower making (we did that one too, my colors represents Edward, silver for his shinny skin and gold for his eyes. Can you say "obsessed!!!") They had romantic adages by Alice and a love quiz, costume contest and a count down to midnight. During the count down there were girls screaming and cheering, it was kinda funny. The first girls that got there books stood by the door and jumped up and down screaming. When we left there were people sitting out on the side walk reading already. I haven't actually started mine yet cuz I know if I do I won't stop and I have some things I need to get done. Oh they had Twilight inspired specialties drinks with pretty fun names:
Edwards Kiss...cold & sweet! A raspberry mocha smoothie topped with a kiss!
The old Red Chevy...Cinnamon Dolce Lotte with whip cream and red hots.
The Crystal Heart...Vanilla bean smoothie with whip cream and red crystal topping.
The paper cut...Strawberries and cream smoothie with whip cream and strawberry sauce topping.
Jacob's Howl...A double chocolate chip smoothie with whip cream and furry crushed cookie topping.
We were so tired when we got back I didn't even take my makeup off I went straight to bed.
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melanie said...

sounds like fun. i can't wait to read my book!!!!

SHANNA said...

i am nearly half way through and so happy with it!!!! it is sooooooooooo GREAT!!

The Tait Family said...

i'm only on chapter 2!!! i've been busy today and haven't been able to read yet.

Smith Family said...

I also hit the midnight party and started reading as soon as I got home. I finished and LOVE it. I wish I had someone to go with, it would of been so much more fun than sitting there by myself. OH and the whole time the one of the girls behind me was sitting and reading hers since she found it at the Safeway here in Battle Ground at 7 pm. I was sssssoooo mad.

Rboot said...


The Tait Family said...

It was so perfect, that's all I can say, its just PERFECT! By far my favorite. I got Brynn Espanoza to start Twilight! Why didn't Kalaree go with you? Hope the move is going smoothly! Tell kalaree we toilet papered the bishops house and almost got caught for YWs. She would've had fun. Tell her I said hi.