Monday, August 11, 2008

What were we thinking...

Riley invited 2 of his friends for his 1st sleep over the other night! Yeah what were we thoughts exactly!!! Paige felt pretty left out so I was like what the hay have Hailey come too! So we had 6 kids. Luckily only one was able to spend the night. It started out fun (for the kids) they wanted me to pick walnuts from our tree for them so they could use them as bombs. Boys! Then they got the noodles out to play sword fight, why the noddles when he has a basket full of swords up stairs, I don't know like I said, boys! So we got pizza for dinner and I don't think I've heard more arm farts in my life. At least they were having fun. You know the saying boys are stinky...well they are. In our house its usually Paige but that night I walked into the playroom and had to walk right back out, it stunk so bad! Of course they thought it was funny.

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SHANNA said...

that is so fun!!! sleepovers are a lot of work. we have only had one or two, but the kids love it!

boys stink so bad!! nico has to wear deoderant sometimes. GROSS!!

melanie said...

hahaha!!! tell the kids we said hi and that we hope to take a drive up there before the snow comes.