Monday, August 25, 2008

Garage sale finds

OK so I haven't gone to garage sales all summer but there was one I could not pass up. The sign said "shabby" so of course I went. Well these are my findings. I love looking at them.

There is a blog I visit on a regular basis, by an interior designer and she starting posting about "favorite things." Weekly she puts up pictures of pretty things from other people. I love that idea so I thought it would be fun to do that on my blog. So what ever I thought was pretty to look at that day I'll post it. It might not be daily but maybe weekly or just a few times a week. It might even be a good idea that I saw somewhere too. So stay tuned!!!

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melanie said...

cool!! i love going to garage sales but the ones here SUCK!!! i might as well go to D.I. ugh

SHANNA said...

pretty! can't wait to see more!

ike and em said...

How do you find this stuff? Love it.