Thursday, August 14, 2008

Young Womens...

OK so last week for YWs I had the girls come to my house. We made cookies and brought them to a inactive YW, played killer uno and then toilet papered the bishops house. It was so funny. I brought Paige with us and if you know Paige she likes to talk! So the whole time we kept trying to get her to be quite so we wouldn't get caught. She did a pretty good job. I can see a career in toilet papering for her when shes older. I'm so proud! She tore off little pieces and just throughthem around. Well so there neighbors came home while we were in the middle of toilet papering and we heard them talking about us. So we dropped everything and ran to the car. Then the dogs started barking and Paige got so scared she tried to run fast but she had her flip flops on. So I was trying to help her run fast, half carring her half making her run. It was pretty funny. Paige thought it was so fun, once we were save in the car! Well the next day Paige had a doctors appointment. The night before we all told her not to tell anyone in the ward. Well she obeyed she didn't tell anyone in the ward but she told her doctor who ended up being the bishops neighbor!!! Yeah go figure! So he said something to the bishop. He had an idea it was us anyways, being on a Wednesday night totally gave it away. So Sunday when we walked into sacrament Paige looked at the bishop and she says "mom the bishop looks mad." (he wasn't) then his counselor gets up and says "the bishop has something to say". You should have seen Paige's face it was pretty funny. She leans over to me and says "hes going to say something to us." (he didn't). He was never mad. He came in to YW with toilet paper in his pockets to say hi to the girls. It was all good fun. The only thing he said was they made cookies and they didn't leave me any! So last night for YW we made him his favorite cake and forked his counselors house. We did it in the middle of the day because they stay up late and they're gone during the day. Riley wanted to come this time. He heard how much fun Paige had he wanted in on it. So now the kids (Paige and Riley) want to toilet paper every ones house. You better watch out YOU might be next!!! ha ha ha ha!

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SHANNA said...

what a BAD influence you are!!! it looks like ya'll had fun. that sounds like a fun activity.